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The Literary City, Bucheon

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Bucheon UNESCO Creative City of Literature

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Our office is located on the second floor of Prugio Apartment Complex in Bucheon. The office is only a 10 minute walk from Bucheon City Hall station on subway line 7.

City of Bucheon

Bucheon is an aspiring city of culture that experienced rapid industrialization in the 20th century.
Located between Seoul and Incheon, it has an area of 54km2 and a population of 840,000 After the opening of Incheon Port (1883) and construction of the Seoul-Incheon railway line (1900), the city emerged as a transportation center. Under the nation's economic development drive in the 1970s, the city grew into a key area in the Seoul-Incheon Industrial Zone, and later the birthplace of semiconductor industry. Large industrial complexes were built in and around Bucheon, attracting people from all over Korea.

For young workers yearning for education, many night schools were set up in the city. With the explosive increase of labor and student activism in the 1980s, Bucheon grew into one of the most important centers of the democratization movement and social transformation in Korea. Over 200 NGOs were registered in Bucheon by 1999, earning the city the nickname of "Korea's Mecca of citizens' movements." On the basis of such widespread interest in human rights, peace, and the environment that Bucheon began to pursue a development strategy focused on culture and the culture industry. It is the first primary local government to establish a culture foundation in Korea, and home to one of the most prestigious philharmonic orchestras in the country.
Our Plans

We believe that Bucheon’s role and vision as a Creative City is more important than the achievement of becoming a UNESCO Creative City (of Literature). We plan to implement a number of projects to promote civic growth through literature and creativity, contributing to continued development in the city.
As South Korea’s leading City of Literature, we have a sense of responsibility to develop Korean literature and will continue to do our best.

Six Major Plans
  1. Everyone is an Author
    Bucheon plans to provide writing programs so that all residents, as citizens of a city of literature, can write a book on their own life experiences or other topic of their choice. Writing programs offered by the city will help people obtain a vision to change themselves and the world through literary activities.
  2. Project Creative CONFUSION [COoperation and FUSION]
    Bucheon will start an initiative devoted to creative cooperation between writers, artists, musicians, engineers, and film makers, who will experiment with fusion of the conventional forms of art, literature, music, design, and film. In this endeavor, the city will make use of its rich experience in operating residency programs, festivals, workshops, and schools.
  3. Global Citizenship Education(GCED) through Literature
    With its gradual transformation into a multiethnic and multicultural city, Bucheon is planning GCED to contribute to society as a creative city of literature both at the local and international levels. Joining efforts with the UNESCO APCEIU (Asia-Pacific Center of Education for International Understanding) and local civic organizations, the city will provide GCED through literature with the participation of primary, secondary, and higher educational institutions.
  4. Bucheon International Award for Diaspora Literature (tentatively named)
    Bucheon will work closely with other cities of literature and establish a new international award devoted to diaspora literature. Our objective is not only to shed new light on the disadvantaged and handicapped, but also underscore Bucheon's identity as a city of migrants both from within Korea and from without. The UCCN is expected not only to provide help and suggestions when designing the award but also actively participate in the review and selection process.
  5. The Future of Literature and Libraries Initiative (FOLALI)
    Bucheon is recognized at home and abroad for its outstanding public library system. Based on this system, the city will explore the future of literature and libraries through international exchange, research, and programme development in collaboration with other creative cities.
  6. Initiative for Diversity in Literature
    Today, literary communities around the world are oriented to literature written in Western languages, as evidenced by the concentration of UNESCO Creative Cities of literature in European and other Western language zones. In recognition of the current situation, Bucheon will strive to promote diversity in literature. In this light, it will purchase literary works from various countries through libraries, and promote their translation and publication with other creative cities. Also, bilateral and multilateral cooperation and exchange between member cities of the Network will be sought to enhance literary diversity.
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