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Title Which books do UNESCO Creative Cities of Literature recommend?
Author 이선민
Date 2019-03-07
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“Which books do UNESCO Creative Cities of Literature recommend?”


Thanks to UNESCO Cities of Literature from around the world, we were able to learn about a number of books recommended by Cities of Literature including Edinburgh, Dublin and Prague in Sangdong Library, the location of Bucheon UNESCO Creative Cities of Literature office.

In the 1st floor lobby of the library, we set up the ‘UNESCO Creative Cities Bucheon Library’ that displays these recommended books .

This library was borne out of a Bucheon-led collaborative book exchange project between Creative Cities of Literature, and is the latest project since the UNESCO Creative Cities of Literature Mini Gallery, which was set up in July last year.

The library contains 120 books in total recommended by each UNESCO Creative City of Literature, with the original work displayed alongside the Korean translation.

Bucheon plans to continue to cooperate with other members of the Creative Cities Network to expand the number of books in the library.

When the ‘Bucheon Center for Creative Literature Experiences’ (tentative name) is established on floor B1 of Sangdong Library in June, it will join the UNESCO Creative Cities of Literature Mini Gallery and the UNESCO Creative Cities Bucheon Library to complete the ‘Sangdong Library UNESCO Creative Sessions,’ which is expected to become a leading attraction in Bucheon.


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