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2018.08.13 2018.08.13

The opening ceremony of the supporters of Bucheon UNESCO City of Literature

The opening ceremony of the supporters of Bucheon UNESCO City of Literature

Period 13 August 2018 ~ 13 August 2018
Location Bucheon City Hall

Bucheon City hosted the opening ceremony for Changuidosi’s (Creative City) Zikimis at City Hall on August 13th.

Changuidosi(Creative City) Zikimi is the official name of the supporters of Bucheon UNESCO City of Literature. They were recruited by Bucheon City since June to help raise public awareness of City of Literature projects.

The opening ceremony of the supporters’ activities was followed by a letter of recommendation by Deputy Mayor SONG Yoo-Myeon. After that came the Declaration of Supporters Activity which introduced city projects and presented activities and performances of So-Myung Women’s High School’s UNESCO Club.

The Deputy Mayor stated that it is expected the City of Bucheon will play a large role in achieving sustainable urban development through literature and creativity.


The Changuidosi’s(Creative City) Zikimis are made up of citizens of various ages from middle school to middle aged. They are expected to carry out various activities such as online PR through SNS and participating in city events related to UNESCO City of Literature.


The ceremony was well received by supporters who seem to be looking forward to taking part in various activities related to Creative City of Literature.



*Zikimi translates to “Keeper” in English. Changuidosi translates to Creative City. Changuidosi Zikimi is the name of Bucheon City of Literature’s mascot and it means that he/she will always look after Bucheon.

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