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2018.07.19 2018.07.19

UNESCO City of Literature bookshelf

UNESCO City of Literature bookshelf

Period 19 July 2018 ~ 19 July 2018

This article was written in July 19th, 2018, which is from UNESCO Cities of Literature Coordinators.



I’m excited to present to you our UNESCO City of Literature bookshelf!

It took several weeks to complete since we had to do a little renovation, but we’ve finally finished it.

We made a special corner with a shelf for our collection of books.
Naheon, who is one of our workers, had the skills to make such a lovely bookshelf. Haha! She’s the best!

Even though it looks a bit sparse now, it won’t be like that for long.


As time goes on and we strengthen and cement our friendship, the more our bookshelf will be filled from the Cities of Literature and your support.
Our special corner is on the first floor of the Sangdong Library where the UNSECO City of Literature office is located.

So many library members have been interested in the City of Literature bookshelf! It is now one of my great pleasures to answer and explain what this corner means. I like to imagine that sooner or later one of you will have the chance to visit my library and talk about our shelf as well.


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