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2019.06.13 2019.06.13

Global Citizenship Education through Literature

Global Citizenship Education through Literature

Period 13 June 2019 ~ 13 June 2019
Location Fabriano, Italy

Bucheon shared its plan to implement an educational project on global citizenship on the occasion of the XIII UNESCO Creative Cities Annual Conference held in Fabriano, Italy (June 10-15, 2019).

In a thematic session titled Leveraging Culture for Education on Thursday June 13, Bucheon presented its Global Citizenship Education through Literature initiative to representatives from fellow UCCN members.



GCED aims to build a more peaceful, just and sustainable world. As a Creative City of Literature, Bucheon firmly believes in the power of literature to change both individual lives and the world. Literature is a powerful medium for raising awareness, developing empathy and encouraging dialogue on different issues related to global citizenship. In this light, GCED is geared towards multidimensional learning and encouraging learners to think, share and act, as well as learn about universal values through literature.


Along with the purpose and vision of GCED, Bucheon introduced the six-week curriculum that uses literary works related to the GCED themes - globalization, human rights, peace, cross-cultural understanding and sustainable development.

Bucheon's GCED initiative reflects the fact that one book can lead to another, gradually exposing readers to new ideas and themes. Texts dealing with universal themes can be selected for discussion in many different cultural settings. Additionally, this project incorporates literary works that target people in all age groups, including young children, school aged children and adults.


Education is intrinsically linked with almost all goals in the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. Global Citizenship Education aims to foster an appreciation of cultural diversity and promote mutual understanding and dialogue.


Our project also provides an opportunity for teachers from various schools around the world to connect with one another, adding motivation, creativity and direction to our cultural work while also paving the way for a potential educational forum that is separate from (but not opposed to) government-imposed curricula.


Global Citizenship Education through Literature is one of the projects Bucheon is committed to contributing to UCCN. The outcomes of this project will also be shared with the network in the future. What is even more exciting is that there is plenty of room to expand the scope of education and engage in cooperative endeavors within UCCN by applying the project to other creative fields such as film, media art, crafts & folk art, design, music and gastronomy.


GCED through Literature  

Those who are interested in learning more about Bucheon’s GCED program can contact us at jsy97@korea.kr.

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