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2020.03.09 2020.03.09

Comics induced Online Campaign#TogetherOvercome#COVID-19

Comics induced Online Campaign#TogetherOvercome#COVID-19

Period 09 March 2020 ~ 29 May 2020
Location Bucheon

Bucheon is a UNESCO Creative City of Literature. As befits the moniker ‘city of libraries, Bucheon is packed with17 city libraries and 22 small libraries that are easily accessible through public transportation. The city is home to Bucheon International Comics Festival, and has strong comics industries with a number of comics artists residing in the city.


Due to the current coronavirus crisis, cultural events and programs have been canceled or suspended, with libraries and museums being closed temporarily. Bucheon has encouraged institutions and practitioners from cultural sectors to carry out COVID-19 awareness raising activities. In response to COVID-19, Korea Manhwa Contents Agency(KOMACON) has mobilized cartoon artists and aspiring students including those who love comics to submit cheerful visual messages to encourage collective efforts such as social distancing and self-hygiene and to support all those who are working every day to protect the safety and wellbeing of their fellow citizens around the nation. Numerous cartoonists are participating in the online campaign, and KOMACON publicizes submitted messages on its social media. This comics induced online campaign invites public to enjoy comics and helps raise people’s awareness on the current pandemic situation as well as the value of arts in the community.


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