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7 Major Projects

  • 01

    One Person, One Publication: My Book Writing Program

    All residents are literary creators.
    • - Creation of a local grassroots literary environment
    Healing and growth through literature
    • - Literature that changes the world
    Participated by: writer groups, reading groups, civic society, schools, libraries, and members of Teachers Who Make the World Warm Through Books
  • 02

    Educating Global Citizens through Literature

    Overcome prejudice and stereotypes through literary reading
    • - Cultivation of global citizenship
    • - Realization of a peaceful, just and tolerant society
    Participated by: Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding Under the Auspices of UNESCO, and Bucheon Immigrant Workers' House
  • 03

    Project Creative CONFUSION [Cooperation and FUSION]

    "writion and painting are one, or have the same origin", "pictures above and letters below"
    Cultural genre cooperation in all fields
  • 04

    Futuristic Libraries, the Power of Literature to Shape the Future

    Lead international exchanges & researches to explore the future of libraries and literature
    • ① International exchanges and cooperation of libraries
    • ② Exploring new roles of libraries beyond preservation and provisioning
      • - Coevolution of libraries and literature
      • - Coevolution of literature, comics and movies
    • ③ International expansion of the small library initiative
      • - Dissipation/support of the Bucheon-type small library model to developing countries
  • 05

    Promotion of the Pearl Buck Literature Award to an international literature award in the area of "Minority"

    Inherit Pearl Buck's love and care for the disabled and minorities
    • - Sosa Hope Center (supported by In Sooni, Yoon Soo-il, Ham Jung-ah, etc.)
    Develop the Pearl Buck Literature Award to an international literary award in the fields of "Diaspora" and "Minority"
  • 06

    Promotion of global diversity through literature

    Interact with member cities and help literary diversity
    • - Translation and dissemination of diverse literary works of developing countries
      • ① Mutual exchange and dissemination of various foreign literary works
      • ② Diversification of reading, translation and publishing
      • ③ Expansion of bilateral and multilateral international cooperation and exchange events
  • 07

    Immigrant Family Literacy Project

    Improve reading and writing skills for migrants and their children
    Support foreign residents' reading activities
    • - Inspire their stable settlement by empowering their life and thinking
    Participated by: public libraries, civic groups, Bucheon Immigrant Workers' House, and religious organizations
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